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Posted by Victor Crew on

Airbnb to Address Safety and Trust Concerns with New Guest Policy in 2020

According to a blog post made by Airbnb in early 2020 they will ban all unauthorized parties on Airbnb properties; it will also be updating its guest standards—both in an effort to address growing concerns about safety and trust on the platform.

Airbnb is going to specifically disallow open-invite parties that are not preapproved by the host. This would include parties promoted by the guest on social media. Their new policy will also ban any and all parties in large, multifamily residences. However, single-family residences and event venues would be excluded from this new rule and would allow hosts to set their own rules concerning events like parties.

The new guest standards coming early next year will also address situations such as the following: excessive noise, unauthorized guests, smoking, parking and cleanliness concerns. All of these have become concerns of late with Airbnb guests. While guests have always, in theory, been required to follow a host’s rules the new policy creates a framework in which actionable enforcement can take place when host rules are violated.

To further address concerns Airbnb will be launching hotlines for city officials or neighbors to contact the company with concerns over the use of Airbnb properties.

Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Airbnb Acquires Accomable to Enhance Disabled Travel’s Experiences

Airbnb has acquired a platform created to help people with disabilities find accessible hotels, vacation rentals and apartments.

Founded in 2015 by a pair of friends who live with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Accomable was launched in the aim of making travel more accessible for all travelers, regardless of disability, says Airbnb.

Over the coming months, the Accomable.com website will wind down and its listings will be integrated into the Airbnb platform in about 60 countries.

Listings will include detailed information on the range of accessibility adaptations that expand beyond the standard “wheelchair accessible” designation.

The checklist will be expanded to include details like “step-free” entry to rooms, entryways that are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and a space for more descriptive information on the home’s accessibility.

Source: CNBC.com