Standing Room Only…on Airplanes?!

Yes. Jody’s crew found it seems there may be a future in which airplane passengers may be seated, or, rather stood, in some kind of vertical seat. Fairuz Romli, an aerospace engineer professor at the Universiti Putra Malaysia has observed that some bus and train passengers are willing to stand for almost an hour long journey. As a frequent flier himself, he noticed on short domestic flights that: “… it feels like the flying time is very short that the aircraft is already descending for landing before you can unfasten your seatbelt after takeoff …”

Romli conducted a study in which he used the widely employed Boeing 737-300 as the example. The study found that a standing cabin would increase passenger capacity to 21% while dropping ticket prices by 44%. Would you be willing to stand for an hour or so on a domestic flight for ticket prices cut almost in half?

You probably won’t have to make the decision any time soon. It seems many airlines and some airplane seat manufacturers have already looked into the issue. They cited issues with not only the stringent process through which airplane seats must go to pass safety tests, but also marketability to passengers. Among those who have looked into the matter are Airbus, China’s Spring Airlines, Ireland’s Ryanair and Recaro Aircraft Seating.

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