Spring break travel

It is that time of year when many Americans will take part in the long standing tradition of Spring Break. This means traveling to warm, sunny destinations. Anyone who has done any traveling knows that both the journey and the destination can have its ups and downs. Jody Victor‘s crew came up with a few ideas and tips to try to make things as safe and fun as possible.

If traveling cross country by car, as many young adults and college students will, remember that traffic laws vary state to state. Be aware of things like changing maximum speed limit signs and whether or not things like u-turns and turning right on red are legal. Check with a highway travel center employee if there are an unusual traffic laws you should know about. Ideally, while on a trip by car several experienced drivers should be available to help spread to help reduce stress and fatigue.

Try not to use ATMs alone or at night if you can help it and don’t carry large amounts of cash or unnecessary credit cards or identification cards such as social security cards or work ID. Many hotels offer safes in the room or the front desk may offer some kind of safe storage option. It never hurts to ask. Temperature permitting, leaving expensive electronics like laptops and tablets in your trunk, do remember that extreme temperatures can damage electronics.

Beware of public networks if accessing personal private information with your mobile devices. If you use a business center desktop, make sure to log out of any sites you may have logged into and clear the browser cache before you leave.

When choosing a room try to stay above the first few floors as ground level windows make access to your room easier. Making sure everyone has a room key is important as well. If a room card is lost have them replaced immediately.

Research your destination ahead of time. Watch weather reports for the area and pack accordingly. While on vacation protect yourself from extreme temperatures and extreme weather conditions. When weather makes outdoor activities potentially dangerous think before you take a risk. Is that snorkeling trip really worth it on this windy day?

Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to drive home safely, you will have had such fantastic time you may feel particularly tired on your journey home.

Jody Victor's Crew