Some of the Biggest Vacation and Resort Ideas Fall Flat

Many of us have had the disheartening experience of our “big idea” going down the tubes whether its a home project gone wrong or perhaps an idea shot down by the boss; however, for most of us it isn’t a really expensive resort or vacation business venture of ours that has fallen flat on its face.

Take for example the “World Islands” in Dubai—these are an artificial archipelago of tiny islands constructed to make up the shapes of the continents of a world map. The 300 islands constructed out of dredged sand was meant to become one of “the” places for top-shelf jet setters. The world financial crises sunk this 14 billion-dollar project thought up by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai.

Or what about the Crystal Lagoon in Chile? The world’s largest swimming pool. 2,600 miles of oceanfront would make this pool seem superfluous, but the Humboldt Current starting in the Antarctic tip of S. America is quite cold, cold enough beach-goers typically don’t swim in the area. San Alfonso de Mar resort thought the answer to this vacation conundrum was creating a 19 acre swimming pool big enough for sailboats to cruise inside. But the 2 billion dollars for construction and 4 million dollar annual upkeep have everyone wondering if this grand plan will turn a profit.

Finally consider a very famous travel disaster. The RMS Titanic – we all know the the tragic story and lose of life that occurred when the at-the-time world’s largest cruise ship sank. However, did you know how much this cost in dollars? The Titanic cost 7.5 Million dollars to build at the time. Or 400 Million dollars in today’s money!

So whether it is a kitchen remodel gone bad or your co-workers laughing about your botched business idea round the water cooler have heart weary traveler as life’s small failures don’t usually land us in the pages of history.

Jody Victor

Jody Victor's Crew