Next Top Destination: Gettysburg, PA

What makes Gettysburg, PA of all places a top destination for 2013? Perhaps it was the movie Lincoln that prompted this. Perhaps it is the fact it is the 150-year anniversary of the famous Gettysburg Address. This is the perfect trip for the Civil War buff.

There will be a year of events and commemorations scheduled around Gettysburg: a 10-day program of tours June 28-July 7 at the Gettysburg National Military Park, performances, and a battle re-enactment on July 4. To find out more about these events and more, you can check out the website honoring the Gettysburg Address 150th Anniversary. They have a guide with the calendar of events listing events every month this year. Check it out.

You can check this site out for more information about Gettysburg National Military Park. There is a page of things to know before you come, things to do, planning your trip, nature and science, and much more.

There is also a site for Gettysburg travel. This site will also show you things to do as well as places to eat, places to go, places to stay, places to shop, and more.

Jody Victor's Crew