New Temporary Alcohol Restrictions in Place for Spring Break, Miami Beach

Miami Beach has elected to have additional restrictions on alcohol sales during the peak period of Spring Break.

The city voted that these areas with high Spring Break/tourist traffic during these 2 peak vacation weeks will have restricted alcohol sales after 2 am. The temporary measure is dated between 7 March and 21 March and will affect all businesses in the area that allow on-site drinking.

A Miami Beach official stated that the ordinance is intended to help ensure a safer environment as they try to protect the quality of life of our residents through this temporary ordinance. Last year, in 2021, the city had to enforce not only a curfew but enact a state of emergency for weeks because police were struggling to control dense crowds of spring breakers even amid the pandemic.

Dan Gelber, Miami Beach Mayor, called the situation “intolerable.”

It will come as no surprise that businesses and advocates are claiming that limiting alcohol sales to venues with onsite drinking is unfair. Many are citing the fact that while one club or bar is forced to close at 2am, spring breakers can walk a few blocks and find another club or bar that is open until 5am. Many believe the temporary ordinance should be enacted city-wide or not at all.



Victor Crew