Navigating the Lavatory In-Flight

The Travel & Leisure staff at MSN Travel reveal former flight attendant Erika Roth’s tips on making the most out of a restroom break on an airplane.

First, Roth tells readers that best time use the restroom is immediately after the pilot disengages the seat belt sign or just before drink service begins. A passenger, Roth says, could get up to 10 minutes to themselves during these low traffic periods.

Although an embarrassing topic for most, Roth knows all too well the issue of unwanted odors in airplane bathrooms. While it is ideal to take care of that business at the airport, sometimes we have to answer nature’s call in-flight. In this case Roth suggests asking the attendants for some packets of coffee grounds to hang in the lavatory. No one but the attendants will know what you are doing and the next person will thank you.

Jody Victor's Crew