Jody Victor Visits Greece

Greetings from the fabulous country of Greece and the historic city of Athens!

In May of 2006 we took a trip to Greece and had a spectacular time! Our suite overlooked the gorgeous blue water of the Aegean Sea.The front room was all windows – so we had an unobstructed panoramic view! It was wonderful watching the lovely sailboats and motor yachts go by. It was also quite spacious – a cross between American convenience and European luxury – including a huge, fluffy, goose down duvet on the bed.

The weather was delightful – absolutely gorgeous spring weather – complete with budding and blooming flowers and bright blue skies. We left the door to our balcony open so we could listen to the melodic chirping of the birds along with the fantastic view.

In all the world there can’t be anywhere with a more blue sky or brighter sunlight. It was hard to say which was more lovely – the bright blue sky or the aqua blue water. The architecture was beautiful too – so many white buildings sparkling against the blue sky and water.

Several nights we walked to dinner along a street lined with orange trees just loaded with fruit. One of the restaurants had a spectacular rose garden with literally hundreds of roses filling the air with fragrance as we approached the entrance. And the food! The salads were phenomenal and the pastries incredible. Wow!

One of our days we took an extraordinary drive along the Greece coastline to view the ancient Temple of Poseiden. The remains of this ancient temple are over 3,000 years old and it is perched high on a huge cliff overlooking the sea. The panoramic view of the beautiful waters and surrounding areas was breathtaking. We were awestruck by it!

On our way back to the hustling, bustling city of Athens we passed beautiful white homes nestled among the hills on one side, and the gorgeous aqua blue water on the other. The ambiance of this ancient yet modern city is truly a wonderful experience.

On our last day we took a private tour of The Acropolis with its grand monuments – the Parthenon, and the Erechtheion. We climbed the ancient staircase to the top and had an incredible view of the entire city of Athens and the beautiful aqua water of the Aegean Sea. The history and beauty of this country is topped only by it’s wonderful people.

Jody Victor's Crew