Jody Victor in Miami’s South Beach

Are you ready for a vacation that offers a little bit of everything? Try South Beach in Miami…

Don Johnson and Miami Vice, an opportune Calvin Klien Obsession photo shoot backed by Ocean Drive Art Deco hotels, two happenings that combined to renew interest in Miami’s South Beach area. And rightfully so, as the fantasy of both seem ever-present as one wanders the street-side cafes and boutiques of Ocean Drive.

Accommodations range from famous hotels such as the Wyndham Miami to smaller family owned establishments you still have to book by phone-many of these smaller hotels offer sidewalk cafes or decks perfect for afternoon people watching with a mojito.

Wandering South Beach by foot, from early afternoon into the night, the streets are alive with custom choppers, sports cars, roller bladers, and fashion models, and one can hear as many languages as there are people on the street,  all which add to the movie-set-like atmosphere the architecture already offers.  Beyond the fabulous clubs and night life, the fine dining and the general frivolity, South Beach also offers traditional family activity.

Miami offers such activities in a wide range of interests: The MDPL  Art Deco Welcome Center offers architectural tours of historic districts; the Everglade National Park is in close proximity;  the Historical Museum of Southern Florida; the Miami Metro Zoo; and the Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit Planetarium all offer families more conventional vacation activities. Of course, one would be remiss in failing to mention the beautiful beaches and ocean oriented activities. A particular recommendation not a great distance from Miami is the Biscayne National Park, which offers some of the best snorkeling in the world.

Overall South Beach offers something for everybody an unforgettable setting in which one can do anything from pure relaxation to dancing the night away in some of the most extraordinary clubs on the East Coast.

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