Jody Goes To Belmont County

In Belmont County, Ohio there are so many possibilities to discover. It is located in Southeastern Ohio nestled in between rolling hills, along the Ohio River. It is just 8 minutes from Wheeling, West Virginia, 70 minutes from Pittsburgh, and 120 minutes from Columbus.

This time of year the best attraction is the Belmont City Victorian Mansion. Beautifully decorated for Christmas, this 26-room mansion is elegant in Victorian detail and furnishings. There are several steps between the three upper floors and the basement (no elevator). The third floor is a ballroom where festive New Year’s Eve celebrations have taken place.

In warmer weather, there are many outside attractions such as: the Dickinson Cattle Co. that has Texas Longhorn Cattle roaming the land, Watt Center for History & The Arts, The Underground Railroad Museum, Sedgwick House Museum, and National Imperial Glass Museum.

The 1828 Blaine Bridge (Blaine) has the distinction of being “the Ohio Bicentennial Bridge”, Ohio’s oldest documented bridge. It is located along Historic national Road in Blaine under the Route 40 viaduct.

Belmont County is the only county in the state with a total of three official Ohio Byways: the Drovers’ Trail along Ohio 147 and 800, Historic National Road/US 40, and the Ohio River Scenic Byway along Ohio 7.

Victor Crew