Italy’s Cinque Terre To Enact Footwear Fine

Flip-flop fanatics beware—inappropriate footwear could cost a tourist up to $2824 while visiting Italy’s Cinque Terre. Sensible hiking shoes will be a requirement.

The Cinque Terre is one of Italy’s most beautiful and most visited spots. The pastel colored buildings of the villages are set among rolling hills and trails. While most visitors plan on walking from village to village, footwear wise they are often grossly under-prepared, favoring beach style sandals and such instead of trail shoes or boots. Many of the trails of areas of steep and mountainous terrain. This so often results in accidents, injury and full-on SOS calls to mountain rescue teams the Cinque Terre has had to establish these new rules and fines.

The ban will begin on the fist of April, 2019. Fines are set to begin at $56 and can go up to the stated maximum of a whopping $2824 depending on inconvenience and expense inflicted on local authorities—presumably calling in a mountain rescue team will cost a tourist almost 3k in fines.

The mountain rescue teams that are made up of volunteers from the Italian Alpine Club will begin with awareness campaigns to make sure tourists come to the Cinque Terre well prepared. Visitors will be given fliers and a printed warning when they purchase the required pass to visit the Cinque Terre. A flier campaign will be put into effect as well.

All of this comes into action as the Cinque Terre’s busy season for tourists begins in April. They expect some 750,000 cruise passengers this year compared to just 450,000 a year ago.

Victor Crew