Holiday Travel Safety Tips

The first step is preparing your home. You can begin with basics like making sure all windows and doors are locked before you leave. A sticky note of reminders for last minute items like checking door locks can be placed on the door you are most likely to exit through to start your trip. Lights one timers, stopping your mail, and home security systems are all good measures to help protect your home.

However, the best protection against a home robbery is making it look like someone is around, especially if you plan on being gone for quite a while. If possible, have a trusted friend or family member spend some time at your home, let their vehicle be seen in the driveway. If you think it is going snow, scheduling a plow service while you are gone can help make it look like someone is home. Of course, the ideal in this regard would be someone trusted to house sit for you.

Getting your vehicle serviced, if you are driving, is a great place to start making sure the actual trip goes off without a hitch. Getting your tires checked is essential. If you are close to the time for an oil change you should probably get it. Also having fluids and belts checked is a good idea. Having an emergency kit with things like road flares, a first aid kit, blankets, maybe even some basic food (protein bars) and bottled water.

Even in populated areas extreme or sudden bad weather could make it difficult for one to drive to some place safe or for emergency vehicles to make it to you. You may also want to schedule cellphone check ins with someone at home and someone at your destination.

Giving yourself more time to get to your destination than you need, especially if there is only a single driver. For long trips, one would ideally want at least two legal drivers in the vehicle.

Stay safe!


Victor Crew