Finally a Bouncy Castle…err..Cave…for Adults!

Located in Gwynedd, Wales, UK Zip World Titan’s “Bounce Below” offers an unusual and somewhat psychedelic experience. Zip World Titan is calling it “the world’s first subterranean play ground of its kind”.

Inside a disused Victorian-era slate mine visitors can enjoy 930 square meters of bouncy nets linked together by tunnels and slides where visitors are free to jump, climb and bounce and “release their inner child.” Its something like a live action chutes and ladders, but inside a cavern lit up in a technicolor light display which reveals (in vibrant color) the remains of the Victorian slate mine.

However, Bounce Below isn’t the only subterranean adventure to come about in the past few years. Zip Below Extreme, also located in a slate mine in Wales, offers the thrill of the world’s deepest zip ride.

The Salina Tundra in, of all places, Transylvania, Romania offers an elevator ride 120 meters below the surface to a cavern below in which visitors can participate in such activities as miniature golf and bowling!

Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland is perhaps better known as “Poland’s Underground Salt Cathedral,” where visitors can tour some 22 chambers, including intricate chapels, statues and chandeliers all carved out of rock salt by miners over the centuries.

All of these underground attractions are quite awe inspiring and would make for great stops for anyone whose travels take them near by!

Jody Victor

Bounce Below

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