Egypt Calls for British Museum to Return Rosetta Stone

The British military got the stone in 1801 in the wake of vanquishing Napoleon’s armed force in Egypt and gave it to the British Museum, where it has been an ever-popular attraction.

A Dr. Tarek Tawfik, the head of the Grand Egyptian Museum, as many others is very anxious to see the Rosetta Stone returned to its homeland.

Tawfik proposed that computer generated simulations could be utilized to cultivate a trade and permit cooperation between the two institutions.

Authorities from Egypt have requested the Rosetta Stone be returned for years but have yet to see recompense.

If you don’t already know what the Rosetta Stone is, it is THE singular artifact engraved with Ancient Greek, Demotic and Egyptian hieroglyphs that allowed 19th century linguists to translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language to English.

A similar situation has arouse over the Greek figures, the Elgin Marbles which also reside in the British Museum and have not yet been returned to their homeland.


Victor Crew