Blood Falls, Antarctica

Although not exactly a Halloween destination and not a ghost story the so-called Blood Falls in Antarctica present themselves as a plot point in a gruesome ghost story.

It is unlikely any of us will get to see the Blood Falls in person as they are located in the very remote McMurdo Dry Valleys of eastern Antarctica – this adds to their mystique. However many images of them exist and the sight is still mind boggling.

Blood Falls

The Blood Falls were found and written about in 1911 by Thomas Griffith who was a member of Robert Falcon Scott’s failed expedition to the Antarctic.

The slow oozing of red from the Taylor Glacier has been attributed to microbes living in the frozen lake trapped beneath the glacier. Originally scientists thought the lake to be too oxygen deprived to support live. However a 2009 study by the National Science Foundation found that an ancient colony of microbes live under the Taylor Glacier in the lake. These microbes convert iron and sulfur into energy to survive. What’s more bizarre is that the red color of the oozing lake water are the microbes themselves.

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Origin of Antarctica’s eerie Blood Falls

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