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Airline Industry Seeks to Repeal Full-Fare Advertising Rule

In the past, before a 2011 full-fare advertising rule, airlines were only required to display the base price of ticket excluding mandatory taxes and fees. Congress has now introduced the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 which could repeal this rule. It’s a large bill that includes everything from consumer laws such as this to funding the FAA and revisiting aviation rules.

Those in favor of repealing the 2011 full-fare advertising rule claims it will “enhance” passenger experiences. Others such frequent fliers, consumer advocates and other experts all agree this is clearly an unfair practice. Formally known as the Transparent Airfares Act, this will be the third go in the last five years the airline industry and their lobby have tried to get rid of the act.

The newly introduced law “is to ensure that consumers know how much they are paying is for the fare itself, and how much they are paying in taxes to the government,” says spokesperson for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Justin Harclerode,
It is important to note, however, the current law doesn’t disallow airlines from breaking down the taxes and fees so customers know how much of their money is going to whom.

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A Sea Queen Quits the Sea, but Not Her Career

After ten years stuck in Dubai the historic Queen Elizabeth 2 becomes a hotel. The QE2 is probably best known from when it set sail in 1969, a floating monument to Great Britain. Over its 40 years of traveling—with something like 1,400 voyages to its name—the ship saw the entire globe 25 times, played host to well over 2 million passengers. It sailed an incredible 6 million (nautical) miles.

10 years ago, the QE2 made port for the last time in Dubai, where recession-stalled plans to turn it into a floating hotel sunk. The city has spent $100 million trying to make the ship into a grand floating hotel. Finally, the dream is reality, the QE2 hotel will open with 224 rooms and suites. 13 restaurants (if you can believe it). Other amenities will include a movie theatre, bars and a museum of the ships history.

Forever docked at Mina Rashid, non-guest visitors will be welcome to dine at some of the restaurants and explore public parts of the ships, including the museum.

The QE2’s sister ship, the Queen Mary, is also a floating hotel and tourist attraction. It has been docked in Long Beach, California, since 1972.

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Egyptian Tourist Spot Gets a Much Needed Renovation

King Tut’s tomb is arguably one of the most spectacular places one can visit in Egypt, however the tourism hotspot needed an upgrade.

On Tuesday, the Getty Conservation Institute of Los Angeles reported that nearly 10 year restoration of King Tuts tomb will be completed. The goal, to preserve an important piece of history.The project added a filtration system to prevent damage from humidity, CO2 and even dust. Also, barriers have been put up to prevent tourists from touching any of the paintings on the walls. There are also new walk ways and platforms as well as new lights that will be installed this autumn. These will illuminate the mummy of King Tut, Egypt’s Boy King, who is about 3,000 years old.

The project was launched in 2009 by the Los Angeles institute, known worldwide for its conservation work, in collaboration with Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities.

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Elon Musk: Making Life on Mars a Reality

While vacationing on another planet might sound like science fiction; life on Mars could go from science fiction to reality within your lifetime.

Musk, the SpaceX billionaire made the claim, at the SXSW festival, that test flights for a Mars rocket could begin as early as next year.

Musk has made headlines by launching one of his cars into space with Falcon Heavy type SpaceX shuttle. The roadster is drifting through space playing “Space Oddity” by beloved glam-rocker David Bowie.

According to CNBC, Musk plans on sending a full-fledged cargo mission to Mars by 2022.

The BFR rocket is expected to not only be capable of interplanetary travel, but also be reusable for multiple trips. Musk estimated a flight would cost between $5 and $6 billion.

Source: ABC News

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Eurostar Adding Service Between London and Amsterdam

Eurostar direct rail service for London and Amasterdam starts on April 4th. This is expected to cause a price war with airlines. Tickets for the daily runs, which start at £35, will be available in late February. The ride will run from St. Pancras station, London, and will get a rider to the Netherlands in about 3 hours.

More than 4 million passengers a year fly between London and Amsterdam, making it one of Europe’s busiest air routes as the Netherlands grows in popularity as a key business and tourism hub.

The cross-Channel rail operator is set to challenge established airlines on the route, including British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair. It will target potential converts by saying a London-Amsterdam Eurostar journey emits 80% less carbon than the equivalent flight.

This new route that crosses the the channel will make a bid against long established airlines taking passengers to the same destinations. The new cross-Channel rail operator is likely to attract green-minded travelers as its journey emits 80% less carbon than an air flight.