Are you getting ripped off when you travel?

Jody‘s crew found a couple articles dealing with ways you can be ripped off while traveling. has an article about the 10 biggest travel ripoffs and ways people are getting fleeced anywhere:

  1. Excess baggage charges
  2. Trip insurance
  3. Shady taxi drivers
  4. Eating like a tourist
  5. Manhattan hotels
  6. Airport airline clubs
  7. Uniformed “guides” at airports
  8. Changing money on the black market
  9. “Minimum” fees as restaurants or clubs
  10. Insanely high booze taxes

You can read the full article for more information.

In another article on, their article lists travel fees and how to avoid them (some may be similar to the article):

  1. Baggage fees
  2. Ticket exchange fee
  3. Resort fee
  4. Car rental airport fee
  5. Phone or in-person booking fee
  6. Seat selection and priority boarding
  7. Single supplement
  8. In-flight amenity fees
  9. Wi-fi
  10. One-way penalty and airport surcharge on car rentals
  11. Award ticket fees

You can read the tips to avoid the fees in the article.

Jody Victor's Crew