Another Cool Small Town

In 1908 Medicine Park, Oklahoma was established as a private resort by Elmer Thomas, who later became a US Senator. The original community included prominent doctors, lawyers, politicians and their families. It is such an idealic setting that well regarded clubs such as the Oklahoma Editor’s Club came there. People came from all over for the healing waters of Medicine Creek and stayed at Dr. Baird’s Sanitarium. The military from nearby Fort Sill, found it the perfect place for relaxation.

That was then, now, you only have to take a walk through town to see some of the original cobblestone structures in perfect condition, dating from 1910 to 1925, still others are being restored. This charming town has some little cottages that are only four hundred square feet. But customers are drawn to the brightly painted shops in Town Center. The cottage shops offer an array of gifts, art, and delectables – many of them Oklahoma made. Some of the larger historic structures are also there still. The former dance hall, old skating rink has gone through several reincarnations and is now a Hall of Music and other events. The Outside Inn became the Grand Hotel became the Old Plantation (on the US historic registry) and is now restored and accepting visitors.

Even the outdoors is being renovated. You can now meander along the creek thanks to the Charley Wright Trails. And there is plenty to do in the Wichita Mountains National Refuge. Now that fall is here a walk along the creed or in the Refuge would be gorgeous. All in all a great place to visit.

Victor Crew