AAA Thanksgiving Travel Estimates

The AAA tells us that Thanksgiving 2018 will be the most crowded travel-wise it has been in thirteen years. About 54 million Americans will travel in excess of fifty miles. That’s around 5% above last year, which comes to a whopping 2.5 million more people hitting those roads, trains stations and airports.

With 48.5 million people choosing to drive, cars will be the most popular form of transportation, with a 5% increase over last year. 4.27 million travelers will choose planes, which is the largest growth at 5.4%. Cruise ships, buses and trains will carry only 1.48 million travelers with a 1.4% increase over last year.

Whatever your method of travel it is always recommend you leave early—to give yourself plenty of time if you encounter traffic or long lines and delays with planes, trains, buses or ships. It’s probably a good idea to anticipate all kinds of weather when you are packing. And dress in layers if traveling by plane or bus so you can easily adjust to changing temperatures.

Have a safe holiday everyone!

Victor Crew