Jody and Kathy Victor in New Zealand

We flew over here on a nice new Air New Zealand Boeing 777. We had our own private compartments for seats with foot stools – the foot stools could be seats for out traveling companion to visit or have dinner together. Then when we were ready for sleep (a 13 hour flight from LA), the seats turned into a bed (completely flat like a regular bed!!), complete with a mattress pad, full size pillow and comforter.

During takeoff and landing we were allowed to keep our seats in any position that we chose since our compartments sat diagonal and were side by side instead of in front of each other. No one could put their seat back in your space – and you didn’t have to climb over anyone to get up!

Shortly after takeoff – they served us our choice of dinner – steak, fresh New Zealand fish, pork or a vegetarian dish. Dessert was a selection of Haagen-Dazs ice cream as well as some lovely pastries. Of course our water glasses were kept full and they attended to our every need.

We had our own movie screen on our compartment with a large selection of movies to view as well as noise-cancelling headphones.

In the morning we were served our choice of breakfast with fruit, cereal, eggs and such. Then the time went fast after that and we soon landed and cleared customs.

Our suite in the hotel was incredible! It even had a grand piano in it. The shower had 9 shower heads which sprayed in every direction.

Our suite includes a kitchen and the refrigerator is stocked with our favorite XS! Fabulous!

The weather in New Zealand was phenomenal – blue skies – bright sunshine – temperatures around 80 degrees – and beautiful ocean breezes!

New Zealand is a lovely island country with a multicultural population of 4.1 million. Wherever you are in New Zealand, you’re never far from the sea. Inland are mountains, lakes, valleys and plains.

For those of you who enjoy fine dining, the cuisine here is wonderful. The chefs draw inspiration from Asia, Polynesia and Europe – as well as New Zealand – blending styles to make some of the most wonderful eating in the world. And the baked goods there are out of this world – Yum! We enjoyed some incredible fresh seafood as well as wonderful pastas and yes, incredible desserts!

There are lots of fun things to do in New Zealand – on land or sea – including lots of exciting things for the sport enthusiasts. We enjoyed many wonderful walks along the beach and through their lovely parks.

You will want to add New Zealand to your list of ‘must go’ places – it’s a marvelous part of the world for sure!!

Jody Victor's Crew