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Universal Studios, Beijing, China to Open Soon

Dementors, Decepticons, Minions and Raptors are just a few of the fantasy encounters one can have at the new Universal Studios Resort, Beijing, China. It will fully open on 20 September 2021 after delays due to Covid.

It will include seven “themed” parks that will include 37 rides. The Beijing location will be the fifth Universal Studios theme park.

While it shares many of its popular attractions found at its sister sites in Los Angeles, Singapore, Osaka and Orlando. But it will also include some new attractions unique to the Beijing location including the the Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness.

Some park visitors who were invited to a soft opening for trial operations reported that some wait times could be high and that some of the most popular shows were almost impossible to get into.


Posted by Victor Crew on

New Program Will Allow Use of Apple Wallet Instead of Analog ID at TSA Checkpoints

Apple has found eight states to participate in a program that lets people securely add their state ID or driver’s license to their Apple Wallet for use at airport security checkpoints.

Connecticut, Kentucky, Iowa, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah will be joining soon while the program is already in place in Arizona and Georgia. Apple claims the program is a new, fast and secure way to interact with TSA agents at the airport.

Apple announced no specific dates for when the program will go live in additional states signed up to the program.

The security protocol will require the user to take a self after uploading a picture of their state ID or driver’s license. Users will also be required to complete a series of face and head movements, much like Face ID, and submit those for verification. Only afterwards will their information be provided for the state to verify.

However, users will still have to carry ID if traveling to states not participating in the program.

Additional security measures include the use of biometrics to ensure the correct person is attempting to use the phone or watch.