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IFEs, in-flight entertainment systems, are a familiar sight to seasoned travelers. They are common on long flights. The seatback screens meant to entertain passengers while airborne. Many travelers have begun to notice something about the IFEs though—they are equipped with their own cameras which begs the question: are they watching us back?

Passengers on both American Airlines and Singapore Airlines notice the cameras and aired their concerns to the airlines.

Both airlines said no one was watching them. American Airlines stated that the cameras were standard on IFEs. Airlines may have chosen models like this for future use in passenger to passenger video chat. Singapore Airlines made similar statements.

No Airline currently manufactures their own IFE systems. While they are customizable, most physical attributes are decided by the manufacturer.

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It must have been an extraordinary spectacle as the huge aircraft lumbered across a main highway, closed down to traffic, when this sleepy giant made its final eight miles by road to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.

Coredon Hotel and Resorts bought the 747-400, named “City of Bangkok,” that had once flown in the commercial Dutch KLM’s fleet. It will become a visitor attraction and named the Corendon Being 747 Experience and spend its remaining years in the gardens of Corendon’s Village Hotel, Badhoevedorp.

The attraction is expected by the hotel chain to be a popular attraction for those wanting to experience the impression of flying. The attraction will include elements from the history of aviation, art whose subject is aviation in addition to so-called 3D, 4D and 5D experiences.

Patrons will be able to have unusual experiences such as being able to walk over the giants wings and entering the cockpit.

After its final flight in November of last year from L.A. to Amsterdam the plane went to Rome to trade up its KLM paint job for the corporate colors of Coredon.

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