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While there are many styles of vacations you can take your family on, many still favor the tried and true family road trip to destinations important to the history and culture of our country.

Boston, Massachusetts

While many coastal cities, east and west, are significant to the birth and growth of America, Boston stands out as particularly significant to the early struggles of our great nation. Beacon Hill in Boston was home to the descendants of early English colonialists whose elegant, gas-lit streets are well worth wandering through. And of course no trip to Boston would be complete without a visit to the famous Boston Harbor which includes a fantastic interactive museum and two replica 18th century vessels. Boston is also home to America’s first college, Harvard, which was established in 1636, student lead walking tours are available.

New York City, New York

While the Big Apple has so much to offer one couldn’t possibly see it all in one trip, the historically minded will want to visit some particular locations: Ellis Island, landing spot of some 12 million immigrants is as fascinating as any place you might visit in the city and features a stunning museum; the Brooklyn Bridge is a must see landmark—it took 600 some workers 14 years to construct one of the world’s first steel wire suspension bridges which was the longest of its kind at completion in 1883; architectural buffs won’t want to miss Brooklyn Heights, one of the first areas of the city to be deemed a historic district.

San Antonio, Texas

While the Alamo is certainly a main point of interest, the entire city is a treasure trove of Spanish colonialism. The Alamo itself is one of only five missions that have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site (i.e., don’t miss!). The new River Walk Mission Reach Trail will allow you to explore the grounds and buildings in which priests and Native Americans worked and lived together.

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While United Airlines already had the title of “longest non-stop” of any U.S. airline, the airline is staged to take the title of longest route of any carrier flying to or from the United States.

This is supposed to happen in fall when United plans to launch an 8,700-mile route connecting Los Angeles and Singapore. The service, which still must pass regulators’ muster, would jump past Qantas’ 8,576-mile Dallas/Fort-Worth-Sydney non-stop and United’s own 8,446-mile San Francisco-Singapore route to become the longest distance flight of any airline flying to or from the USA. In addition it would become the longest non-stop flight ever flown by an U.S. airline.

It also will become a contender for the world’s longest flight when measured by flying time. United’s projected time for the Singapore-bound portion of the journey: a whopping 17 hours, 55 minutes. This would top Qatar Airways’ stated flying time of 17 hours, 40 minutes for its 9,032-mile flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, Qatar.

A final feather in United’s hat is that it would be the world’s longest regularly scheduled flight on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

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Here is some information from the Jody Victor crew about those cookies you eat on your flight:

— The Biscoff cookie come from Belgium where they are known as Speculoos traditionally given to children for Sinterklass (St. Nicholas Day).
— In the contemporary United States they are typically associated with Delta Airlines, which brought the cookie on board some 30 years ago in 1986.
— Delta staff have been known to fashion birthday crowns out of the cookies for passengers.
— Biscoff popularity has flown to other other airlines such as: WestJet; Alaska Airlines; American Airlines and Sunwing.
— Biscoff may have reached immortal status when it became an emoji in an Apple sticker pack.
— Biscoff cookies are vegan friendly.
— There are cookbooks dedicated to recipes using Biscoff as a primary ingredient.


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Whether it’s a hundred miles or a thousand, getting ill while traveling is always a concern. Even a minor cold can make time away from home miserable. Doing things like washing your hands extra, trying to eat well and getting enough rest can help bolster the immune system, water-borne illnesses can be of particular concern in underdeveloped parts of the world.

Some common water-borne illnesses include cholera, Hepatitis A and typhoid. These are some simple tips to help you avoid such illnesses.

Drink bottled water, carbonated water, or canned water. It is also a good practice to ask that it be brought unopened. Drinking unfamiliar water is a very quick way to get sick while traveling. It isn’t a bad idea to use trustworthy water for brushing your teeth, either.

Don’t eat salads. Salads and other raw veggies are more than likely rinsed with water from the local water source. This is another easy way to ingest local water borne pathogens. Stick to boiled or otherwise cooked veggies.

Consider packing an antibiotic. You’ll have to speak to you doctor about this, however, bringing an appropriate antibiotic effective for know water-borne illnesses in the area you are visiting is the best possible safety net in the case of catching something nasty from untreated water.

Use water purification. If you have to drink local water, it simply has to be purified. The best method is a charcoal pump purification system. A sporting goods store can help you choose an effective one. Iodine (not recommended for pregnant women or those with thyroid issues, speak to your doctor) and chlorine tablets are also an option.

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USA Today reported the following changes to various airline’s available routes. Some of these changes being rather major may affect both business and leisure travel.

Fewer flights from Emirates
Emirates Airline is reducing its schedule to the United States. The Dubai airline says call for U.S. bound has drop-offed sharply due to the recent ban on electronic devices.

Denver becomes lucky 13 for Panama’s Copa Airlines
Copa Airlines will make Denver its newest U.S. destination, announcing plans for non-stop service to its Panama City base that it calls the “Hub of the Americas.”

Spirit is latest U.S. airline to quit Cuba
Spirit Airlines is just one in a recent string of airlines to “bail out” on scheduled passenger service to Cuba. The service will be thinned out until it is finally cut entirely on May 31st.

JetBlue adds a fourth route to Haiti
JetBlue plans to add non-stop service from its Orlando focus city to Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince. The service would begin in December, pending regulatory approval.

More American Airlines regional flights in Charlotte
American is bolstering its American Eagle regional network in Charlotte with new routes to small and midsize markets that will begin this summer.

Additional details available at USA Today.

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