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As the 2018 Winter Olympics approach, the South Korean government is cracking down on price-gouging hotels facing heavy criticism here for ripping off customers. S. Korea’s Ministry of the Interior and Safety is going to enforce a pricing clampdown ahead of the games in Pyeongchang.

The average rate for hotel accommodations recently spiked to over $460 per night–this is 3 times the normal rate. The government said it will also punish businesses for failing to meet requirements in hygiene, construction and service.

Call centers have been set up to receive customer complaints. The moves come as part of the government’s effort to boost ticket slow ticket sales. Local hotel trade groups and the provincial government in Gangwon Province are also pressing to get hotels to clean up their acts.

Olympic organizers are expecting more than 100,000 daily visitors to the Games, with around 60,000 staying overnight in facilities within one hour of the event venues.

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Hilton has announced sweeping changes to its loyalty program, letting members combine points with family and friends and use those points to shop at The program will also get a rebrand. It will now be known as Hilton Honors vs. HHonors.

In fact, the entire company is getting a new identity and logo. Once known as Hilton Worldwide, it will just be Hilton from now on.
Hilton says the rebranding is evidence that the company has become more “simplified and streamlined.” The company recently spun-off its real estate and timeshare businesses. But the changes that affect consumers the most come in the form of a revamped loyalty program. The program has 60 million members.

The highlights of the new program are:
• Hilton will launch Shop with Points at this summer.
• Starting in April, Hilton Honors members will be able to combine their points with up to 10 friends or family members for free. That means that 11 members could pool their points for award nights for group trips.
• Beginning late February, members will be able to use a combination of points and money for an award night. The Hilton Honors Points & Money slider will let members decide how many points they want to use for a stay, and there will be no blackout dates.
• In March, those members who have reached elite Diamond status and cannot travel for an extended period of time for whatever reason will be able to receive a one-time, one-year extension of their status. Typically, they would lose their status if they don’t log any stays in a year.

Hilton has 14 brands and more than 4,800 properties around the world.

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Larger and fancier cruise ships will begin visiting Alaska ports starting this summer. The so-called “megaships” are part of a trend that’s sending more and more tourists to Alaska by sea. The 4,000-passenger Norwegian Bliss starts making port calls in June. The 5,000-passenger Ovation of the Seas shows up the following year. Add 1,200 to 1,500 crew members and either will exceed the population of all but three Southeast cities.

The Bliss and Ovation will carry up to twice as many passengers as some ships already sailing here. The Ovation is leaving its China and Australia routes due to a drop in demand. The Norwegian Bliss is a new ship that adds to the overall number sailing Inside Passage waters. Binkley said the Ovation of the Seas will replace a smaller ship.

The Bliss will sail week-long round-trips out of Seattle, stopping in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. It will also sail to Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm Fjord, south of the capital city. The Ovation will be based in Seattle, too. Its Alaska itinerary hasn’t been posted yet. But it’s likely to follow a similar route. The Ovation of the Seas advertises skydiving and surf simulators, as well as robotic bartenders. But it’ll give the Bliss a run for its money in terms of scenery. The Bliss is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line. The Ovation is owned by Royal Caribbean International. Both sail other ships to Alaska.

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The busiest winter day in history for UK travelers is forecast for Friday 22 December.

All the big British airports are expecting their busiest-ever Christmas and New Year. But on the railways, the festive season is complicated by no fewer than 10 strikes planned up to the end of the year.

Europe’s busiest airport, Heathrow, is expecting almost a quarter of a million people to pass through on 22 December, with 130,000 departing – a rate of almost two per second during the airport’s opening hours.

Passport control at Heathrow will be most stretched on Tuesday 2 January, with 127,000 arrivals.

At Gatwick, the outbound crowds will be also biggest on Friday 22 December, with almost 67,000 passengers expected to jet off from the airport – equivalent to 46 per minute, around the clock.

Manchester airport will be extremely busy on both of next two Fridays: 22 and 29 December. Top destinations include Dublin, Dubai and Amsterdam. But the airport, Britain’s third busiest, has received criticism for its security queues.

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American Airlines screwed up and failed to schedule pilots to fly on Christmas. They announced a solution, they’d pay pilots time and a half to volunteer to fly when they were given off, and they’d use their pilots who were on reserve to fly (but leave themselves no cushion) and that would get them pretty close to being able to operate their schedule over the holidays.

Their pilots’ union pushed back. And it was the pilots’ union that made this a big national story, getting leverage in the media letting the world know that American had a problem at a time when everyone was trying to travel for the holidays.

Yesterday American Airlines announced that they had worked things out with their pilots’ union and there would be no cancellations at Christmas as a result of failing to schedule people to fly.

Since pilots can truly bring down an airline while flight attendants don’t have nearly as much leverage, two years ago another crew scheduling error at Christmas had American get away with paying legacy US Airways flight attendants a much smaller premium. This isn’t the first time American has messed up crew scheduling over the holidays.

American Airlines gave employees unilateral raises. Now they’re paying pilots more to come to work. And since American Airlines will never lose money again and they’re currently at the bottom end of the $3 to $7 billion annual profit range they’re promising investors, they will need to make up the cost somewhere. You are somewhere. Basic economy and 737 MAXs but the pilots get paid.


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