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Scuba divers who where watching the body of a dead whale off the beaches of Oahu ended up having a close encounter with a giant great white shark. The incident incited officials to warn recreational divers and snorkelers to avoid the water in proximity to the deceased sperm whale as some tourists had climbed the whale to take its teeth as trophies.

The giant great white scared away the smaller tiger sharks that game in to have its fill of the whale carrion.

The incident was unusual as Hawaii waters are typically to warm for the great white, unlike the Pacific coasts of California where they can regularly be found hunting seals and sea lions. The diver estimated this great white to be more than 20 feet long and 8 feet across.

Divers think the giant great white may have been pregnant and came to Hawaii in search of extra nutrients.


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A young man left his dearest teddy bear behind after a family excursion in Hawaii—yet he wound up “both bewildered and totally excited” by the lodging’s reaction.

Anna Pickard connected with the Grand Hyatt Kauai in the wake of coming back to the family’s Bay Area home sans bear, and not exclusively did the inn find and restore the toy, it sent the bear on some stupendous undertakings,

The hotel messaged back. Not just had they found Sutro safe and would post him back, they sent updates so Doozer could perceive what he’d been doing on his all-inclusive get-away. Obviously having first visiting the gym, he’s been at the Spa.

The inn furnished Pickard with photographs of the bear (and a stuffed seal companion he’d made on the trek) visiting the spa, leasing a cabana, completing nails, investigating the retreat, hitting the pool and the shoreline, and, in the long run, looking at of the lodging at the enlistment work area on their way back home to California.

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Venice, Italy has achieved approval to begin charging an entry fee of up to about $11.50 USD for each short-stay tourist. The 2019 Italian budget clause will specifically will target day guests from cruise ships. Italy has precedent for a so-called “landing tax” as they already do this on their Aeolian Islands.

It has been the opinion of Venetians for years that mass tourism is an issue for city—with about a hundred cruise ships and about a million passengers a year coming into the city one can see why.

Luigi Brugnaro, Venice Mayor, believes the landing tax will create income needed to help the city maintain its beauty despite heavy tourism. The money would go to basics like keeping the city clean.

Local residents, workers and students will, of course, all be exempt from the tax. Officials say that cruise ship passengers are much easier to identify and that it may be difficult to tax tourists arriving by air or land.

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A New Kind of Quick-y-Mart

Posted By on Dec 19, 2018

A new supermarket in Dubai may not immediately sound like interesting international travel news, however, this supermarket can only be reached by means of water transportation. Caffefour Bites and More by the Shore is the first so-called sail-thru market in the world.

While small craft, like a jet ski, can sail right up to this market (which is basically a 7/11 anchored out in the middle of the ocean) and pay for and receive goods at a the “sail-thru” window. Larger craft can call in orders or use a smartphone app. Deliveries take about 45 minutes on average.
Much like a traditional corner market this one has just what you expect: snacks, drinks, personal care products, over-the counter medication. They have about 300 products currently for sale.

The new market even offers delivery service via their own vessels to land-locked beach-goers at local beaches.

This new endeavor is the brain-child of Majid Al Futtaim the well-known leisure and retail operation in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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Delta’s Terminal F at the Atlanta airport is the so-called first biometric terminal in the U.S. in which facial recognition technology is used throughout the process by passengers. The Delta hub in Detroit is supposedly next.

The biometric features have been developed slowly since October in Atlanta’s Terminal F. As of December 1st some international destination passengers will be able to use the biometric options for all portions of their journey. These features will also be available to international travelers on some of Delta’s partner airlines as well.

Basically where ever one had to interact with an employee in the past there are now automated options where passengers enter or scan in information and facial recognition technology “looks” at their faces to confirm the information.

As Delta has revealed the choice in Atlanta before the formal dispatch, the transporter said it has gotten positive input and that it’s accelerating the boarding up of its worldwide flights.
Delta intends to make its Detroit center the following of its terminals to get the “check to entryway” biometric alternative.

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